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A little drama on the way - Selje

Måløy - Selje 27/06/2018

Departure. 1430

Arrival. 1700

Distance sailed 11nm

Total distance sailed 1408nm

Today we only had a small trip because we wanted to buy Some fuel in Selje and maybe meet de local dokter because we knew he is from Holland.

When we left the harbour Elisabeth twisted a muscle in her back and she was in great pain☹️. We had a tip that maybe we could buy cheap fuel in Måløy . So i went on my own to moor the boat and indeed we got a very nice price😁. After filling the fuel we went to Selje. Underway i tried to contact the Dutch doctor and i was luckt. Found him on Facebook abd he had time to come by for a coffee! So when i moored the boat he came a few minutes later and he checked Elisabeth also. It looked like an attack of ischias and Elisabeth should stay calm for some time. It should go away by itself and if not we should Find another doctor in a few weeks. So we had a very quite night in Selje with an early bed. Fortunately the next morning the pain was less so i went to do some shopping.

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