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A pearl of an Island - Kirkehamn/Hidra

Farsund - Kirkehamm (hydra) 05/06/18

Departure 10:00

Arrival 14:30

Distance sailed 25nm

Total distance sailed 1033

Today was like a perfect sailing day . We had between 20 en 27 knots wind from the east. We sailed very quickly and arrived at a beautiful small place Kirkehamn . We parked first at the fuel station and a few locals came for a chat. One of them was Leif, his brother is the owner of the fuel station and fish buying place were we were. Leif told us that we could better move to the other site that was called : Tyske brygge. This key had this name because it was made by the Germans in the Second World War to land goods etc. There was a big fortress on the hills above the harbour. He invited us to come later with him on his boat to get is crab traps and do some fishing. I wanted to walk to the fortress so I did with vivat and is was a very nice hike with a perfect few and the remains of the fortress were also very interesting . Only here were many sheep coming after me and vivat and vivat was a little scared for this animals .. when I came back Leif just arrived with his boat and we could come for some fishing and sight seeing. What a nice welcome in a new place. Leif caught many crabs but he only kept 10% of the catch. The rest he threw back because there was not enough meat in !? He is very good at determining this. After the boat trip we agreed that we would eat crab and shrimps at his house. We went there with some wine al, beer, salad etc and had a great evening in his house. Leif is a pensionist diplomat and had very nice stories. He is born in the island and is here now 5 month’s per year. What a nice unexpected evening we had!

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