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Another check on the list - Kristiansund

Knarvik - Kristiansund 9/8/18

Departure. 10:25

Arrival. 20:30

Distance sailed. 62nm

Total distance sailed. 2816nm

Today we left with unexpected very nice weather. We went between the islands Hitra and Frøya and on the South of Hitra we went between the skerries to see some nice landscape and hopefully some sea eagles. Just after half an hour between the skerries we saw a sea eagle on a small island and we tried to go close to get a nice picture. Unfortunately when we came close it flew away☹️. Then we saw another one on another rock that was being attached by a seagull. It probably killed its child or something because the seagull kept attacking the eagle for at least 10 minutes. Unfortunately when we came close also this eagle flew away. We have a few nice pictures but they are from a little too far away. After this the weather changed and we got some rain and a scary sky. The scary sky became a very heavy rain with thunder , lightning big gusts of wind (i cleared the deck before it came because I was afraid that we would loose some stuff with the gusts. The wind wend quickly around in 5 minutes wow. I took away the sails also before it hit off course so no damage. After the mini storm the weather cleared up again and we had a nice trip to Kristiansund without any wind. We tried to catch some fish just before Kristiansand but it seemed that the fish was not hungry.. In Kristiansund we could not find a floating pontoon so we were on a “ climbing” place again . When we arrived the tide was high so no problem. The next morning with low tide we discovered that at our spot there was no second layer of tires so we were lucky that we were not pushed under the high ones with low tide. This can be very dangerous when the water comes up again off course. We went for a walk in the evening and hit the bed in time.

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