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Another small Island - Sula

Veiholmen - Sula 03/07/2018

Departure 13:50

Arrival. 18:30

Distance sailed. 28 nm

Total distance sailed. 1577nm

Today was a beautifull sailing day without wind😎😂. Later in the afternoon just before arrival the sky went grey unfortunately. We tried to fish for 20 minutes but strangely not a single fish? We only hooked the rocks and lost a lure☹️. We found a nice big floating pontoon and at the end of the evening we went to for a walk on the Island . There was still a footbalmatch (Colombia - England ) going on and we went in the pub to see the end and have a beer. The pub was very nice and charming but we liked the Veiholmen place better. That place had atmosphere..

But still a nice calm day at Sea and a beet at the end of the day. What more do we want?

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