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Back in Bodø

Reine - Bodø 01/08/2018

Departure. 09:15

Arrival 18:30

Distance sailed. 52nm

Total distance sailed 2462 nm

Today departure from Lofoten back to the mainland. Bart is leaving Thursday from Bodø . When we left the weather was nice and sunny with no wind at all. Underway we got some clouds and heavy rain and luckily after the rain a lot of wind. So we could sail the last hours at a nice speed . When we arrived we had a big challenge to more the boat. There was place but there was 15 to 20 knots of wind away from the pontoon and the bow thruster could not handle that... So it took quite some time to moor but we succeeded. :)

In the evening we played a cart game with Bart and we went out eating in a nice restaurant. After the restaurant we went in the Scandic hotel to enjoy the view from the bar at the seventeenth floor.

There was a beautiful red sky so we got a few nice pictures.

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