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Back in Mandal!!

Farsund - Mandal 26/8/18

Departure. 10:30

Arrival 15:15

Distance sailed. 27nm

Total distance sailed 2834 nm

Today back to hometown and family of Elisabeth. We had a fantastic sailing tour with sun and quite a lot of wind. It was from the stern most and we just made a few turns to have it a little from the side. We made nice speed and sailed all the way to Mandal . We had our 2 guests on board and they were really lucky..

After we arrived in Mandal we got a surprise visit of Reidar and Astrid. They brought us a pan of soup so no cooking needed today :). We had an “ankerdram” on the aft deck in the sun with nice people. Daughter Kristina came also and later when the others had gone the to other daughters and svigersønn Ricard came to say hei. Nice to get this homecoming feeling :D

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