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Back in rainy town - Bergen

Skjervjehamn - Bergen 16/8/18

Departure 11:25

Arrival 18:00

Distance sailed 46nm

Total distance sailed 2587nm

Today we had a motor sail against quite a strong wind again. Lots of rain today so just a boring crossing. When we arrived at Bergen we found a good place and had a quite evening inside the boat because it was still pouring rain mostly :D But Elisabeth made some time for some shopping and we got a nice surprise when Arie had a «power nap» Another sailing couple that Arie met last summer in Norway was in Bergen and came knocking on our boat :) So he had to take some cloths on and we had a very nice evening :) We went then to a late movie and saw The Mag and had a kebab on the way back hehe… Very nice evening even with the rain!

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