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Stavanger - Utstein ( klosterøy) 10/6/18

Departure 14:00

Arrival 16:15

Distance sailed 14nm

Total distance sailed 1134nm

After a nice but not so good for the health weekend we left stavanger with a different weather. Cold and cloudy today. Weather is turning colder for some time 😢. We had a short trip on the engine and on this island is an old monestery with a shop with local goods that Elisabeth wants to see. Perfect short trip, time to relax a little away from the busy town. We where to late for the shop this afternoon so wanted to go the next morning but then it was so windy and rain so no shopping for Elisabeth, but we had a nice walk to the monastery, met some of Vivats friends (the sheep) and a very small bird try to distract us from the nest :) And of course Elisabeth found a new project :D making granskudd sirup....

Here is some history about the monastery and the Island

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