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Catch of the day - Nordskot

Bodø - Nordskot. 11/7/18

Departure 10:45

Arrival 18:45

Distance sailed 40nm

Total distance sailed 1938nm

Today the day started with beautiful weather. Not much wind but strong sun. We stopped on a shallower place with rocks to catch a few fish . This place was the jackpot. We could not reach the bottom and there was fish on. All nice sized fish also. We caught cod, the gold colored kelp ones and normal ones, sei (coal fish) And a few very big pollack. The place Nordkot was very small but idyllic.

There were some other sailboats and we gave them all some fish because we had to much . We were kind of hoping there was a restaurant that would trade our fish for a meal but there was only a small pub/kafe that was closed. :) In the evening we went for a walk and had a wonderful view on the sea and landscape. The sun was shining again and in this part it does not go down anymore ... (:

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