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Denmark here we come - Sønderborg

Laboe - Sønderborg 27.04.18:

Departure: 09.00

Arrived: 15.00

Distance: 37 nm

Today we had perfect sailing weather and a spring day. Lovely to be outside and get some tan :)

27.04.18 15.00 we are sailing into the harbour of Sønderborg.

Then we arrived in Sønderborg…. got a nice place to moor just before the bridge. There was electricity and water. And friendly people in Denmark :) got a nice sailing man (in a biker dress) on the boat for some snack and drink, he told us good spots to go on our trip in Denmark and told a little about the town. In the evening we took a walk and ate at a Chinese buffet. Small nice town :) BUT we are in country that is not so animal friendly as Holland and Germany :) so there will be more lone time for our sweet shipdog on the boat because he can not come with us in the restaurants….

28.04.18 we continue our journey in Denmark and Juelsminde.

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