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Family reunion part 3 - Davik

Floro- Davik 25/6/18

Departure. 0930

Arrival. 1445

Distance sailed. 38nm

Total distance sailed 1381nm

Today we went a little in the fjord and met up with sister of my grandmother (Tante Mossa) and her son in law (Paul Atle) The weather was ok and they came for a quick peek at the boat and we went to Tante Mossa´s house and had some homemade apple cake, so good :) The sun is coming so after the nice visit we went up the hill and had a visit at Paul Atle and Øydis (cousin of my mother) house, what a view! Then we decided to try some fish luck, so went out with the dingy but no fish :( well well... we went back and had a early relaxing evening.

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