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FINAL TRIP - Holland (Harlingen)

Mandal - Harlingen 15/9/2018

Departure 15/9 10:00

Arrival. 17/9/21:00

Me and my friend At left from Mandal for this long non stop trip to the Netherlands . Elisabeth and Vivat stayed at home.

Saturday was a perfect sailing day. Wind from west and we Made good speed on the sails. In the afternoon we got a visit from a few dolphins that played with the bow of the boat. That was super nice :D. In the night the wind started turning to sw and that was the direction we had to go. We knew that this would happen and that the wind would increase to 6 bft on the Sunday. Unfortunately it became worse and the wind increased to 7 bft and the waves got really big. We lost all speed and had to go more to the east with a sail and a little engine. We just sailed as high as we could. We lost around 10 hours by doing this but on the engine straight into it was just not possible. Sunday night the wind decreased a little and Monday morning we could sail again to the west. We had a very nice sail on Monday and arrived quite late and both extremely tired in Harlingen. We took a drink in the restaurant next to the boat and were in a coma right away after hitting the bed.

It was quite a hard trip but we made it and without serious damages :D

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