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Footprint of Edvard Munch - Årsgårdstrand

Oslo - Åskårdstrand 13-05-2018

Departure 11:55

Arrival 17:30

Distance sailed : 40nm

Total distance sailed 728nm

After a nice weekend with beautiful weather we left again with a beautiful summer day but no wind at all, so we motored all day. We where not in our best state this day so we changed for a nap in the sun :) We came to Åskårdstrand where we were invited for a dinner by 2 Norwegian people we met in Sweden last week. We had a nice cosy dinner in the evening and slept like a rock until late next morning. Thank you Mina & Henrik <3

Åskårdstrand has a interesting story but mostly because of the Norwegian famous painter Edvard Munch that lived there for some years and did his most famous painting there *the scream* So we had our walk in the footprint of Munch :)

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