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From the beginning to the end of Kiel canal

And some Kiel canal in the middle :)

Brunsbuttel - Laboe 25.04.18:

Departure: 10.20

Arrived: 18.00

Distance: 60 nm

We have now arrived to the beginning of the Kiel canal, Brunsbuttel. Its a very small harbour mostly a pitstop for sailers and others for a night. We came in the morning so Arie had a siesta while I went to the town and did some shopping. Nice small town, with some nip shops, supermarket and apotek (had to get some cough medicine)

The next morning (25.04) we head of into the Kiel canal, the weather was a bit cloudy.

We had a calm and nice sailing trough the canal, about 7 hours.

Then we arrived in Laboe, the little town near Kiel and end of the canal. It was not easy to find a place for the boat, but we ended up on the end of the pier :) We decided to have a day off sailing and stayed in Laboe 1 extra day. Our day in Laboe was very windy and it mixed between rain and sun, but I finely found a supermarket so I could shop for dinner. That can be a challenge sometimes when you arrive in different harbours almost everyday, to find a supermarket :D But we always have some emergency food on the boat :D

So the 27.04.18 09.00 - we are heading for Denmark!

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