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Greetings from King Olav - Skjerjehamn

Bergen - Skjerjehamn 22/6/18

Departure 13:30

Arrival 20:30

Distance sailed 45nm

Total distance sailed 1297 nm

After a week in the turistic city bergen we finally left again. It was a bit late because we had nice neighbours that slept a bit late and we did not want to wake them too early . And when we went to say we wanted to leave they wanted to see our boat. So we left late but we went to a very quite place anyway so no stress..

There was quite a strong wind against us today and part of the trip we had some waves. Lot of salt on the boat again. And there we came to the small place greeted by a BIG statue of the former king Olav V ! It was a beautiful place (but quiet and small) and we where so lucky to get a beer at the local hotel :)

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