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Happy birthday Elisabeth - Måløy

Davik - Måløy. 26/6/18

Departure 1500

Arrival. 1730

Distance sailed 16nm

Total distance sailed 1397nm

Today birthday of Elisabeth ! I went fishing in the early morning and bought some stuff in the local shop. I did not catch any fish☹️. I arrived at the shop quite early. They were supposed to open at 10:00 but a very nice woman came early and let me in, so I could buy some breakfast to spoil Elisabeth . She also packed in a plant that I bought. So sweet. Later in the day we went with the dingy on familiebesøk and had a nice lunch with the sister of Elisabeth’s grandmother and her son in law Paul Atle. When we went back to the dingy the tide was low and we had to to carry the boat back to the water😊. We had a short sail to Måløy of a little over to hours on the engine. In Måløy we met a guy called Rune on the brygge (pontoon) . Elisabeth wanted to buy something but that was quite far and Rune had a chat with us and offered to bring us!! How nice! Thank you for that! After the shopping he also drove us to a very nice place called ... Kannesteinen.

In the evening we had a nice dinner for bursdag!

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