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Homeland Norway - Hankø

Strömstad - Hanko Island 7/5/18

Departure : 1230

Arrival 1715 all fast

Distance 25nm

Total distance sailed : 647nm

Today beautifull spring weather . We crossed the Norwegian border today so we are going to keep the same flag for a long time. We could sail for 1 hour but then the wind died. When the wind died we tried to catch a few fish for dinner. We caught a few mini cod and one was just big enough but we let him go because we wanted a bigger one. Pff the we kept trying and did not get another one off course. So we continued and arrived in a very quit Hankø harbour. There was no one but we got a neighbor with 3 friendly Norwegian friends that were out for a week. We invited them for a drink in the evening and we had a nice evening. We talked about Svalbard and now I am starting to think about that😊.

We also had a smal walk with vivat and looked at the house of the Norwegian princess, that is lying on a hill they call Blokksberg. That is a saying in Norway *Dra til Blokksberg* that means something like get very far away from me :D And vivat snook in too there property of course ....

So all in all we thought it would be a quite day but ended up very social and nice :)

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