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Idyll Kvitsøy Island

Haugesund - Kvitsøy 21/8/2018

Departure 11:20

Arrival. 16:15

Distance sailed 32nm

Total distance sailed 2699 nm

Today we motored again , when we left there was no wind and just before arrival the wind picked up a little but just on the nose. We decided to enter the Island from the west but that caused a little stress :D. There is a very small opening between the rocks and the swell was breaking heavy there. There was also quite current from the south so we were very happy when we were in. We had to sail between skerries here and it is a beautiful area but we felt that this boat is a little oversized for this entrance. We found a place and found the island very idyllic. Must be very good crab fishing over here. We tried a cage in the evening and Elisabeth used a can of tunafish as bait. Next morning we only had 2 krabbe we set them free again. We wanted to leave in the morning but there was very much wind and I was afraid to sail in these small waters with so much wind. And a lot of rain today so not a nice day. Luckily At 15:30 the wind started to decrease so we prepared for leaving to Stavanger.

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