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In the viking footsteps - Leknes

Stamsund - Leknes 30/7/18

Departure. 10:30

Arrival 13:00

Distance sailed 12nm

Total distance sailed 2390nm

Today a full summer day without any wind. We motored slowly to Leknes and found only a very small pontoon of 15 mtrs. A very nice guy moved his speedboat for us so we had one side for us :D

In the afternoon we went with a taxi to the Viking museum . We wanted to have a Viking diner there that is supposed to be organized every day but we asked for Sunday and it was not and unfortunately again not today ☹️. We walked around and saw some nice stuff. Made a long walk to the Viking boat they have there and underway there were a few things to see. We did some ax throwing (dangerous thing for us haha )

The weather today was like full summer. No wind at all and up to 28 degrees. Almost to warm :)

Beautiful day. During the sail to Leknes we stopped to get a fish but we did not succeed. I moved the boat a little to the rock but Elisabeth left her bait in the water during the moving and she hooked a very big sei. We did not want to keep it and threw it back. Only the poor guy could not swim down anymore so we got him out again with the net.. so we ate fish in the evening..

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