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Juelsminde for Miss Juel

Sønderborg - Juelsminde 28.04.18:

Departure: 10.00

Arrived: 20.00

Distance: 66 nm

Today started with nice weather and sun so we could tan outside but the weather quickly went bad with rain.

We were able to sail allmost to Middelfart where we wanted to stay in the gamle havn. Unfortunately we could not find a good spot (it is a very small harbour ) so we dicided to continue to Juelsminde . We had to go there because the town carries Elisabeth’s last name..

After Middelfart we had the wind against us so we motored from all the way onfortunately. When we arrived we could not find a nice spot so we moored at the slipway in that harbour . We just fitted but we were close to the shallow..

We walked through town with vivat and discovered there is little to do. There was one bar that looked nice but they did not accept vivat so we drank a beer back on the boat. The weather was not inviting to today with occasional rain and some wind.

29.04.18 09.30 the journey kept going to Grenaa

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