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Just a little oversized - Veiholmen

Ålesund - Veiholmen 02/07/18

Departure 10:30

Arrival 22:46

Distance sailed 87nm

Total distance sailed 1549nm

After a very nice weekend we decided to make quite a long trip.

We left with beautifull weather with a nice wind from sw. We starter sailing right away but got a few gusts of far over 30knots of wind. That was a little scary to be honest. Later in the day the wind decreased to 10/15kn and so half of the day we motorsailed. The entrance of the harbour at Veiholmen was very narrow but luckily we found a place although we were quite oversized for this place.

It was a monday evening and it was late so there was nothing to do. But walking around this Village was nice. It seems like small venice with kanals everywere. Only we were attacked by some seagulls that had baby’s. Elisabeth got scared that they would take Vivat😜

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