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Just another pitstop again - Harstad

Nordskot- Harstad 12/7/18

Departure 11:45

Arrival 00:55 (long day)

Distance sailed 85nm

Total distance sailed 2023nm

Today we would go to Lodingen but we wanted also to arrive in Tromsø in Saturday so we decided to make a very long day. The wind was very strange today. We could sail with the wind almost on the stern and the wind was much stronger then predicted so we sailed most of the trip. Wind should be from NW but came from SW. When we entered the sund at Lodingen the wind changed 180 degrees and was on the nose.. First we wanted to anchor up somewhere in the sund but we only wanted to do that on a day without wind and that was not the case so we pushed through to Harstad.

So easy that it does not get dark anymore. In Harstad we just jumped in the bed because it was quite late...

We did not visit the town but probably we will on the way back.

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