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Last stop Lofoten - Reine

Leknes - Reine 31/7/2018

Departure 0900

Arrival 1200

Distance sailed 20nm

Total distance sailed 2410 nm

Today again a full summer day with more then 25 degree and almost no wind. It was a short night because we got neighbors at the pontoon yesterday and they gave us some fresh shrimps and later they came on board for a visit. So it was very difficult to come out of the bed. :)

The trip is beautiful because of the scenery of the mountains. We found a place in Reine on the small pontoon. Later we saw that the maximum size of boats there was 35ft.. ops but there was no wind and we stayed. We did a siesta and Bart went climbing on the mountain there. We had a quite day. We are on board, did a walk in the small village before that and Bart went out again to a mountain lake. He will have some muscle pain tomorrow haha! Me and Elisabeth worked some in the evening and went not so late to bed.

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