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Last stop Sweden - Strømstad (around Koster)

Havstensund - Strömstad 6/5/18

Departure 1100

Arrival 1500

Distance 15nm

Total distance sailed 622nm

Today we had a beautiful day with sun and a nice 15 knot wind.

We sailed to islands south Koster and north Koster. We moored for 1 hour in North Koster but everything was closed there. Too quiet. So we left for Strømstad where we stayed for the night. We tried a Swedish pizza as a late lunch and in the evening we had a nice dinner in a cinema ! Very strange but they were the only restaurant still serving at 2100. We were a bit late because we visited a beuatifull Fleming boat from very friendly norvegian people. I wanted to see that boat because it is a nice boat to live on and I must say that I was impressed by the build quality.

We also got a nice visiter around our boat :) And they even had reserved a spot for (Ruud) for me?? :) So nice welcome in our last day of Sweden

All and all a very nice day

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