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MUST SEE! - Svartisen

Sandnessjøen - Svartisen 8/7/2018

Departure 09:45

Arrival 19:00

Distance sailed 63nm

Total distance sailed 1838nm

Today was a quite day with sometimes some sun and sometimes clouds. Later in the day there was some wind and we could sail. In the fjord towards Svartisen the wind died again so the last hour was engine again. Underway we passed the polarcirkel and because Elisabeth never crossed the polarcirkel she had to be baptized for good luck. She only got a bucket of fresh seawater over her back but found it a little cold. :D

The first sight of the glacier was super again and we had a quite evening on the pontoon with a fantastic view but it rained..

The next day it still rained in the morning but luckily it stopped around 10:00.

Elisabeth booked an excursion for me to go on walking on the glacier. I was picked up at 10:30 and I must say that was an amazing experience . Walking with spikes on ice is not really difficult. We were a total of 4, the guide Øyvin from Meløy adventures and a couple from Oslo. Unfortunately the woman slipped on the ice and probably because of the spikes she twistet her foot and broke the ankle.

Fortunately Øyvind remained perfectly calm and she was lowered to a flat piece of ice. She was picked up by a rescue helicopter within 45 minutes. Perfectly arranged by Øyvind. After this event I did not feel so sure anymore so we went back down. Elisabeth had been hugging with a moose close to the local restaurant and was waiting for us. After we returned to the boat we sailed again for some time so the distance to Bodø would not be to big the next day

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