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Family reunion part 2 - Halsnøy monastery

Oppdatert: 28. jun. 2018

Leirvik - Halsnøy and after Godøysundet 13/6/18

Departure. 11:15

Arrival. 20:00

Distance sailed 35nm

Total distance sailed 1222

Here we are on my families history Island Halsnøy and where my ancestors from my mothers side are from. There are so much history on this place and I am so proud to be a part of that.

I am adding a link if somebody is interested to read about it :)øy_Abbey

We moored into a small harbor very close to the abbey and the weather was nice and sunny. We had a very nice walk around the area and got somebody to tell us a little about the place and we had a peek inside the house where my great grandfather grew up.

After that we walked to the farm nearby where some of the Juel family still lives, we met a very nice guy Per Egil Juel and his mother, then his wife and 2 children also came and they all came for a tour on the boat :) It was a lovely day and so nice for me and Arie to meet some of my far out family too. We so look forward to come and visit them again on our way back :) Thank you family Juel!! But we had to move on....

After the visit we went to a place called Godøysund. There is a empty hotel there that seems like a ghost hotel (muuuuaaaaahhhhaaa). We explored a little in the evening and the next day we stayed because of very stormy weather. I went to clean the propellor of the boat because there was some weed around. At least that is clean again.

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