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New crew member - Larvik

Åskårstrand - Larvik 14/5/2018

Departure 11:30

Arrival 17:30

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 766 nm

Today again a hot summer day with no wind so again all day with motor.

Because there was no wind we sails through all the small islands via the Vrengen. What a beautiful landscape we saw and super weather. We stopped and try to get a fresh fish but we only got a baby cod so no fresh fish today..

When we moored in Larvik a man came to us who said that we could lie here for free and we could also get water for free! The water should be of very good quality here so we filled up the tank completely. They call it Farris :)

In the evening a friend of Elisabeth (Wenche) came to sail with us to Mandal. Nice quiet evening!

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