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Nice doctor visit - Selje

Ålesund - Selje 12/8/18

Departure. 08:45

Arrival 16:45

Distance sailed 52nm

Total distance sailed 2932 nm

Today we left with beautiful weather but after an hour it started to rain and it rained for several hours. Pity because we wanted to fish on a spot Where we caught a lot of fish on the way up. But with heavy rain fishing is no fun. There was also a lot of high swell in the sea so stopping would not have been comfortable. When we rounded cape stad the swell got a lot less so we tried to fish on some rocks but unfortunately fish was not hungry. We did not have a lot of time because we had an appointment with local doctor Tjakko and his wife and child for a dinner. So nice, they invited us for diner in their local restaurant and we had a very nice evening. Also the car trip over Stad was very nice. To go from south to nord you must drive over a mountain with beautiful views.

After dinner we hit the bed because it had been a short night in Ålesund...

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