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Not much to say about - Bolga

Bodø - Bolga Island 03/08/2018

Departure. 09:15

Arrival. 16:30

Distance sailed. 42nm

Total distance sailed 2504nm

We left Bodø with drizzling rain but luckily it got dry later. All the way was straight in the moderate wind and we did it just on the engine (lazy sailors). :D

We found a nice place on the floating pontoon there and discovered that there was life music that evening in the local restaurant. We met nice people from UK and New Zealand. We had a nice evening but it got quite late again so no early departure the next day. There is a mountain with a hole in it like Torghatten on this island but after we arrived we had some very heavy rain so we just stayed in..

Oh, we were together again because Bart flew home from Bodø

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