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Not much to say about - Tananger

Egersund - Tananger 07/06/2018

Departure 13:15

Arrival 1930

Distance sailed 47nm

Total distance sailed 1105nm

Today again beautifull weather but allmost No wind and it was mostly on the bow. We could only motorsail a few hours to gain a little extra speed. We left quite late because we had a broken radar that was exchanged by very friendly people from Navico in Egersund! So we are not so afraid to have fog anymore..

We moored in Tananger and discovered that there is not so much to do there. We had a beer on the terras of the local hotel and around 22:00 many boats came back from sea with many sportanglers on them. There was a national championship of sea fishing in Norway we discovered. We did not see many big fish but also heart that that threw the fish back. This day was a trail fishing day. The official game would be the days after. It was quite cold in the evening so of course Vivat wanted to be in Aries jacket, so he looked a bit *fat* :) and look closely to the photo haha .... a little foot is sticking out

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