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On our way back south - Finnsnes

Tromsø - Finsnes 19/7/18

Departure. 14:30

Arrival 21:00

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 2169nm

Before we left the weather was perfect, hot and sunny. We left too late or too early because we had the tide against us in the Rystraumen. We were doing only 2,6 knot in the worst and the current was impressive to see with thousands of seagulls diving in the water to catch small fish. After the Rystraumen we got very bad weather. Lots of wind and heavy rain and even some thunderstorm. Luckily the lightning stayed quite far from us...

We tried to find a place in the official marine that has a gjestebrygge but that was full. So we continued and found a new marina in Finsnes. This marina had no guest pontoon but we found an empty space from a person that was probably in holiday with his boat. The next morning we sent him an sms (his phone number was on the pontoon) asking if we could stay for a few days. We got a reply that that was not a problem at all! Nice person. We rented a car for two days to explore the island of Senja . We had a nice drive for two days and saw a lot of beautiful mountains and nature. Senja must be a paradise for hiking and climbing mountains but that is not our thing.

We visited a few villages but there is not much to do. All villages are really small. The second day we stopped at an old bunker complex. Here we had a great time. So many things were just left. There was an anti aircraft gun and kanons still in the bunkers. We went in the bunkers and walked long distances underground. Quite an adventure.. later we had a waffle in Skrollsvik and visited the local halibut museum . The museum was a little disappointing.. Then it began to rain and getting quite cold so we decided to head back to Finsnes.

So it was a nice two days as car tourists around Senja Island.

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