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On the sea again - Båly

Mandal - Båly 03/06/2018

Departure 10:00

Arrival 12:30

Distance sailed 13nm

Total distance sailed: 978nm

After a long time in Mandal (Arie went to Netherlands for some days for work and stuff ) we left North . Elisabeth had some time for family and friends and the weather was perfect these weeks. Really summer! Also the trip today was in very warm weather but there was quite, some wind and off course against us☹️. We left early and the plan was to make it not too late the evening before. That did not work... but it was a very nice last evening with friends . We had to leave early because there was a lot more wind predicted in the afternoon..

In Båly the grandmother (who is turning 90 in september) of Elisabeth came to see the boat. She was brought to the boat by the ex husband from Elisabeth. Takk for det! After the visit we had a nice meal at the local Thai restaurant and we went early to bed.

Båly is a small harbour in a place called Spangereid near Lindesnes, Lindesnes havhotell is now building Europe's first and biggest underwater restaurant. Impressive building.

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