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Only an ice cream - Farsund

Båly - Farsund. 04/06/2018

Departure 09:15

Arrival 14:15

Distance sailed 30nm

Total distance sailed 1008nm

Today we left with flekkefjord in our mind. But there was quite some wind predicted from the wrong (nw) direction. After cape of Lindesnes the wind picked up to 25 knots with some waves. A lot of salt on the boat. The weather was sunny and nice but the ride was not so comfortable and we would have arrived quite late in Flekkefjord. So we choose the easy way into Farsund . We found a nice spot in the harbour with fresh water close so we could remove all the salt from the boat. Then we had a little stroll for an ice cream in the centre and some shopping at coop xtra that was just at the harbour.

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