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Petter Dass hometown - Sandnessjøen

Brønnøysund - Sandnessjøen 07/07/18

Departure 10:55

Arrival. 19:00

Distance sailed. 41nm

Total distance sailed 1775nm

Today easy day with in the morning no wind . We stopped for 2 hours on the island of Ylvingen. Elisabeth was curious because a Norwegian tv series was filmed here, called Himmelblå . Ylvingen is a nice little island with less then 30 people living on it. We had an ice cream and made a walk. After that we continued . We had some shrimps on the boat that we bought from a local fisherman in Brønnøysund so had a nice snack in the afternoon.

In Sandnessjøen we had a quite evening . Had a walk and a beer in the local pub and went to bed in time. We are traveling every day now because we are getting a bit late for Tromsø :D

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