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Pff windy - Skjervjehamn

Florø - Skjervjehamn 15/8/18

Departure. 12:30

Arrival. 20:00

Distance sailed. 47nm

Total distance sailed 2541nm

Today we were doubting to go because there was a Prediction of sw 7 and in the evening possibly 8bft. In Florø everything seemed still quite so we decided to leave. There was a lot of rain today and sometimes strong wind against us but fortunately not more then 6bft. When we arrived we had a problem to moor on the floating pontoon because off course then the wind was very strong with heavy rain☹️. After 2 attempts we decided to more on a wall with the bow into the wind. That was a lot easier only we had to keep the tide into account. We put a lot of ropes to sleep quite (storm predicted), had a nice meal in the restaurant there. In the restaurant we met a guy from holland that was traveling around in an open boat that he bought in Ålesund . Not open open but just a day sailor. Pff we were

Not jealous with this weather. We offered him to sleep at our boat but he said he was ok?

Strange but some people seem to like a little suffering and camping

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