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Phuuu.... a week in Bergen

Godøysundet - Bergen 15/06/2018

Departure 0700

Arrival 1200

Distance sailed. 30nm

Total distance sailed 1252nm

After the storm of yesterday the wind was a little less 6/7bft open sea . We left early to be in Bergen in time to find a place for the weekend. The trip went very smooth, we Made very nice speed with the sails today. We found a nice spot for us but onfortunately we have to move the boat later because this space is reserved from next Thursday. I am going to Netherlands for a few days and Elisabeth and Vivat are going to watch the boat.. so hopefully we find a good place in the weekend that is not reserved. We have to keep our eyes open😊 So then I (Elisabeth) and Vivat was alone for a few days and the weather was up and down, sun and rain thank yu very much :) We did not do so much beside go around and did some shopping around the harbor and my gosh!!! Bergen is so touristic !! There where no one in the shops or in Fisketorget that spoke Norwegian hahaha. But I did my shopping for nice sweaters from Dale of Norway!! expencive stuff hoho. When Arie came back we went to the aquarium and had nice meals, and we had a nice sailboat as a nabour, very nice people that is from Oslo on there way to Island from Bergen. But I must say that a week in Bergen is enough so looking forward to set sail again.

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