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Pitstop Havstensund

Fjällbacka - Havstenssund 05/05/18

Departure 1215

Arrival. 1430

Distance 12nm

Distance sailed total 607

Wind sw 3/4

We arrived in a very nice but deserted place. Nothing to do, bar/restaurant still closed. We made a walk in the village and met a few people that were working in the garden. There were 2 little dogs in the garden and they get excited because vivat was with us. We had a chat and the house owner was from Norway. We were invited for a drink. They bought the house in the 90th but live in Oslo so they travel to this small place in Sweden every weekend and holidays to relax from the big city.

Later we had a nice early dinner, ate dessert on the small hill next to the boat and had a little boat tour with the dingy. Weather was perfect , sunny but a bit chilly. Very quite day today. In the relax mode.

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