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Rainy weekend - Ålesund

Kristiansund - Ålesund 10/8/18

Departure. 07:30

Arrival. 16:30

Distance sailed. 65nm

Total distance sailed 2881nm

Today we left very early after checking the weather forecast because a storm was predicted for today. In the early morning it looked like the heavy storm was not coming before the early evening so we decided to go because there was to be a strong wind from the stern today. We wanted to go to a small place called Finnsøya first so we could arrive before the storm started. When we were close to this place the wind had already picked up to 25 knots and the harbor looked very small. With this wind the bow thruster has a problem (not strong enough) so I was afraid to go in the small place and decided to push through to Ålesund. This worked out to be a good decision. The wind decreased a little and we sailed with high speed towards Ålesund. There was a lot of rain today so it was not like a nice sail but we went very quick (YEAH).

When we arrived in Ålesund a boat seemed to be moving away from the floating pontoon for us! So nice so we moored on the floating pontoon there but we were sticking out a lot. We put a lot of ropes and genders and just hoped that the pontoon would hold us. It did not seem that strong.. in the evening the gale came and all boats around us were dansing in the harbor and even we moved somewhat.. the pontoon was moving very heavily but we were ok. Because of the storm and rain we decided to stay on board tonight and we had an early bed.. Next day it was stil raining so we took the bus to the MOA shoppingsenter and had a shopping day :) Not much else to do. In the evening we went to a smal cinema near the boat and looked at this new Mission impossible :) Nice evening.

Sorry for few photos, there is a lot on our other Ålesund blogg :D

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