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Seagull town - Rørvik

Bessaker - Rørvik 05/07/2018

Departure. 08:00

Arrival 15:15

Distance sailed 47

Total distance sailed 1687nm

Today was a day with beautiful warm weather and almost no wind. We left early and had a nice trip in the sun. Just before Rørvik we stopped and tried to get a fish for dinner tomorrow. We only get a few small sei fish and hooked a lom ? (Brosme in Norwegian). Strange fish like a mix of an eel and a cod with a very slippery skin. We arrived early but did not find a place at the gjestebrygge. So we went to the wall at the local shipyard. We enjoyed the sun for a few hours but then the wind came in very strong and the temperature went down 10 degrees!

In the evening a sailboat came along side us and we had an ankerdram with these nice people at our boat (they were a bit shaken because the mooring in the strong wind was not easy). In the evening had a walk around and we went to bed early because we wanted to leave early the next morning again.

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