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Sotekanalen - Hamburgsund - Fjällbacka

Lysekil - Fjällbacka 04/05/18

Dep 10:30

Arrival 1530

Distance 33nm

Total distance sailed 595nm

Wind w 4bft

Today beautiful weather and the highlight of the trip was passing through the Sotekanalen. This is very narrow and sheltered . The sea was quite rough so it was just enjoying to sail here. There is a bridge in the middle that opened direct when we came. Then we went trough Hamburgsund, also a nice small harbour village, with a lot of red boathouses :) We where thinking of moor here but decided to keep going to Fjällbacka.

Mooring in Fjällbacka was a little difficult because the wind was quite strong when we had to moor and we were blown away from the key. Here there were no holders but rings on the pontoon so it is a challenge to have a rope fixed quickly. We were lucky that we got some help from the shore. In the village itself was nothing to do. Everything is still closed but Elisabeth found a fish shop that was just closing so she had some langoustines for half price! So a feast of good seafood!! and then went for dessert to town. We ended up in the tapas restaurant bar. Only place that was open and looked nice. Here we had a few bears and a dessert. We met a couple from norway and we made it late on the boat afterwards. It was a nice evening :) And they invite us to come where they live for dinner on our way from Oslo - Mandal :)

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