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Sunny weekend in Ålesund

Runde - Ålesund. 29/06/2018

Departure. 1345

Arrival 16:30

Distance sailed 16nm

Total distance sailed 1462nm

Today we had a quite strong wind from the north so we just motored to Ålesund .

Unfortunately we did not find a place at a floating pontoon so we had to be against a wall. There is more tide now here so with low water it was a bit of a climb..

We had a weekend with beautifull weather. On Saturday we went out eating in a very good restaurant cAlled Maki. Only Elisabeth allmost choked on a piece of fish but luckely she survived😁. We went out both Friday and Saturday and had a nice time during the evening but not the next mornings😜. Then we feel that we are not 20 Anymore... But we had a great weekend with sightseeing bus, overview of Ålesund, Aquarium, great food and met a lot of nice people :) Thank you Ålesund!

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