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Sweden here we come!

Skagen - Lysekil 03/05/2018

Departure 0830

Arrival. 1400

Distance. 48nm

Total distance sailed 562nm

Wind se 4/5 later sw 5/6 in the middle half an hour only 3bft

Today we had to leave early because the wind would pick up a lot in the afternoon/evening.

We left with 20knots of wind, rain and a very uncomfortable sea. But the current was with us and we made great speed.

Last hour sailing the sky broke open and we had a nice windy weather. Temperature is still low though, around 9 degr. Seawater is still very cold off course.

We arrive at Lysekil and what a beautiful seacoast Sweden have with a lot of small Islands, but that means we have to stay out all the time and look out for fishing nets. We don't mind because the weather is beautiful so then we can work up some tan in the same time :)

We where met with a wonderful church on the hill when we came in, and had a unhealthy burger lunch. We had to find a veterinarian for Vivat so he could had his worm pill when we arrive in Norway. So we had a walk in the old town. And Arie took a trip up the hill to get a view of the city :)

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