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The beautiful Island of - Træna (and Senna)

Oppdatert: 7. sep. 2018

Bolga Island - Træna. 04/08/2018

Departure 1300

Arrival 20:15

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 2542 nm

Today we left in the rain again but luckily after one hour it was dry again and we even had a little sun sometimes. There was not much wind from west but we could even sail for a few hours.

Just before Træna we tried to fish and it seemed like the bottom was filled with cod. Quite some nice ones and many gold colored ones. We are getting afraid for these “gold cod” because they have many times some worms in the meat. We kept a smaller normal color cod and hope that one is free from this worms. It is not a problem to eat them but we don’t like it.... we found a nice place on a floating pontoon but we were the only boat and it is quite a walk to center. We went for a walk to the center with vivat and were impressed by the atmosphere here. It has something idyllic. We bought a beer in the local bar and went early back (for a saturday then) But must say the scenery of Træna is just beautiful, a must see place in Norway again!

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