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The beautiful Island Vlieland

Oppdatert: 2. mai 2018

Franeker - Vlieland:

very nice summer weather

Distance: 28 nm (mostly on engine

We had a one night stop at this beautiful island. The weather was so nice and not much wind. We took out our bikes and had a little roundtrip, and I found the only downhill I have seen in Holland so far :) I don't know so much about this Island so I copied some from wik....

Vlieland is one of the West Frisian Islands, lying in the Wadden Sea. It is the second island from the west in the chain, lying between Texel and Terschelling. The island was permanently separated from the mainland in St. Lucia's flood in 1287. Vlieland was named after the Vlie, the seaway between it and Terschelling that was the estuary of the river IJssel in medieval times.

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