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The big city of Lofoten - Svolvær

Stokmarknes - Svolvær 27/7/18

Departure 07:15

Arrival. 12:30

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 2354nm

Today we had to leave early because other wise we would have the tide against us in the Raftsundet. Luckily we worked out the tide ok because we were pushed fast by the current in the beginning of the sound. The weather was beautiful and we made a d-tour in the Trollfjord. This is a beautiful sightseeing place with very high cliffs around. We arrived quite early in Svolvær but unfortunately could not find a place on a floating brygge. We moored the boat at a big pub on the small Island here and were very close to the nice terrace and restaurant. We could even have some drinks there and come back safe on the boat because the high tide was at 01:00. We ate in the restaurant, played Some cards in the evening with Bart and went out again later to the terrace with live music in the evening . Bart had been hiking the mountains in the afternoon so he was quite tired :) The music played until 0230 and then we could also go to bed without the noise. On the terrace we met a guy we met earlier in Finnsnes and we were invited at their table for this evening. We had a lovely time there.

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