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The big city - Oslo

Oppdatert: 28. mai 2018

Nakkholmen - Oslo 10//5/18

Departure 1000

Arrival 1030

We arrived early in Aker Brygge - Oslo city. The weather is still beautiful and we found a nice place to moor on the pier. We took the bikes and was tourist in the city around the fortress (Akershus festning) Karl Johans street (shopping street) and down to the castle of the royals (Slottet)

Friday was also so nice weather and we took the dingi because Arie wanted to go to Bygdøy island to see the viking museum and the Roald Amundsens museum about Fram.

After the museums we got my youngest daughter onboard for a night and we went out to eat a wonderful fresh seafood platter.

Saturday we rent a car and took of to my middle daughters school, it was her final day. Still very sunny and we met my other daughters and my ex family. In the evening we got visit from an old friend of mine and his friend, even my ex husband and his wife came and look at the boat :) It was a nice evening.

After a nice weekend with beautiful weather we left again with a beautiful summer day but no wind at all. So we motored all day towards Åskårstrand where we were invited for a diner by 2 norvegian people we met in Sweden last week. We had a nice cosy diner in the evening and slept like a rock until late next morning.

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