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The birdmountain - Runde

Selje - Runde. 28/06/18

Departure 11:00

Arrival 18:00

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 1446 nm

After shopping in Selje we left in pooring rain but luckily the rain stopped after a few hours . We stopped on a promising place to catch a few fish and the spot was right ! We caught many nice codfish and sei and pollack . We kept 2 nice red kelp cod and a normal coloured cod. The rest we returned because we cannot keep them without ice. When we arrived in Runde there was a nice man wanting to help us make filets of the fish. He did not care so much how much fish was trown and we had some very happy seagulls😊. The last fish Elisabeth tried her self and she got a lot more meat.. Elisabeth was still not so good with her leg so I decided to go alone to the “puffin” hill. Allready before entering the island we saw a lot of flying puffins but when I finally arrived at the puffin rock (pff I was tired) it exceeded my expectations. Wow , thousands of puffins and you could get much closer then in Lovund. I stayed too long and was back after midnight..

The next late morning we went to the local museum which was interesting. They discoved a Dutch treasure ship there in 1972. It was a coincidence. Sport divers were not looking for a wreck but they first found the cooking pan and later many coins. The wreck was called Akerendam they discovered later. This ship sank on her maiden voyage to Indonesia .

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