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The crab Island Hitra - Knarren Brygge

Halten - knarvik (hitra/ulvoya) 8/8/18

Departure 10:45

Arrival 16:45

Distance sailed. 35nm

Total distance sailed 2754nm

Today was just another passage, we started with wind from se and could sail for some time. Then the wind completely died for an hour and then started again from nw. Weather change is coming unfortunately .. we arrived in a nice place where we had ordered some crabs at the supermarked. We ate the 2’crabs we caught our selves and in stead of buying the crabs today we went out eating in the restaurant at the brygge. They had a nice bbq buffet and it seemed liked the last nice evening today so we wanted to enjoy the sun on the terrace outside...

Nice easy day today..

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