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The crossing - Holland to Germany

Oppdatert: 2. mai 2018

Vlieland - Brunsbuttel 23.04.18 10.30 :

Distance: 170 nm

We left the Island Vlieland (not) early with beautiful sun and the best sailing wind. It was our first big crossing that took about 24 hours. And the ship dog is getting used to the sailing life :) (pee blankets comes in good use haha) So the first day it was very nice and perfect to sail (and time for the crew Elisabeth to catch up with some office work) but the next morning the wind picked up a lot, then it started to rain. Timing was perfect, because we had the tide with us in the Elbe river, so the speed was as high as almost 12 knots.

Of course when we came to Germany and was going trough the lock to arrive to the Kiel canal and our first destination in Germany, they made us wait for 1,5 hours in pouring rain!!!


Finally we arrived 24.04.18 11.45 we came to Brunsbuttel and Arie had his loooong siesta :D well earned captain!!!

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