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The end of Denmark - Skagen

Læsø - Skagen 02/05/2018

Departure 10:30

Arrival 1500

Distance 28,5nm

Total distance sailed 514nm

Today a cold but very sunny day with wind from the south. It was supposed to be south east so unfortunately we did not make to much speed on the sails because the wind was allmost from a stern. But we allway were sailing above 6 knots so was ok. Boat was rolling gently in the sea. Just a nice crossing.

Last hour the wind picked up a lot and we did more then 8 knots on the sails .

We had a nice day in Skagen town, did some fresh fish shopping (and of course some strange fish food for Elisabeth, the stranger the better) And took a long walk around the city centrum, small wooden houses. Very beautiful...

Then Elisabeth made a fish soup with the cod and lange, mmmm

Quit evening

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